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    "Centering Southeast Asia: Teaching Modern Vietnam" June 2023 Workshop

    dangOnce considered one of the world’s poorest and most underdeveloped nations, Vietnam has since flourished with major technological and structural advancements in the modern age. This resource compilation is based on our virtual workshop “Centering Southeast Asia: Teaching Modern Vietnam,” which provided educators with a comprehensive introduction to the history and politics of the geographical area. To keep up with our pedagogical workshops, check out our News & Events page!




    Asia for Educators - Southeast Asia Central Themes

    An initiative of the Weatherhead East Asian Institute at Columbia, AFE aggregates materials to serve K-12 teachers across disciplines. This specific page outlines major themes about the region of Southeast Asia.

    “Teaching and Learning About Southeast Asia” in Education About AsiaEducation About Asia

    This short article from the journal Education About Asia highlights themes and questions teachers may want to focus on in teaching about Southeast Asia.

    Southeast Asia Digital Library (Northern Illinois University)

    This collection contains a wide variety of materials published and produced in Southeast Asia. There are many interviews, videos, posters, photographs, periodicals, maps, manuscripts, and other archival materials.

    GeoInquiries – Language and religion: The diffusion of Islam

    While Islam is a world religion, this map activity helps students grasp how Islam spread to  Southeast Asia and became a major center for the religion.

    Virtual Angkor

    The Virtual Angkor project is a virtual reality project that seeks to recreate the Cambodian metropolis of Angkor at the height of the Khmer Empire’s power and influence around 1300 C.E. The project includes three teaching modules that combine images and video from the project with readings and questions: Power & Place, Water & Climate, and Trade & Diplomacy.



    Esri GeoInquiries–Early European exploration

    Compare and contrast Spain’s and Portugal’s early sea explorations to reach Asia using maps.

    In Our Time (BBC)

    This podcast episode on the Dutch East India Company may be useful for understanding Dutch Southeast Asia. Other episodes of interest may be the East India Company (England) and Angkor Wat.

    The Amboyna Conspiracy Trial

    This website provides an in-depth look at the 1623 Amboyna Conspiracy Trial, which took place on the island Ambon (or Amboyna), part of the Maluku Islands of Indonesia. This was the site of a colonial struggle between Dutch and English merchants involved in the spice trade. The website includes videos of expert opinion, primary sources, and a teaching guide.

    Maritime Asia: War and Trade

    This digital world history project explores the fierce rivalry between the Dutch East India Company and the Zheng maritime network as they fought for control over key trades and sea routes in Northeast and Southeast Asia. The project includes digital exhibits, a timeline, biographies of key actors, an archive with primary sources, and an annotated bibliography for further exploration. It also features a classroom simulation exercise, “Pirates, States, and Diplomacy in a Multipolar Maritime Asia” for advanced high school and college students. 


    Introduction to Southeast Asia: History, Geography, and Livelihood

    A general overview and introduction of the history, geography, and livelihood of Southeast Asia.



    Letter from Ho Chi Minh to Secretary of State Robert Lansing

    Additional Letters and Documents of Correspondence

    An Open Letter to M. Albert Sarraut, Minister of Colonies

    Ho Chi Minh's Letter to President Truma in September 1945

    Letter from Ho Chi Minh to President Harry Truman January 1946

    Letter from Ho Chi Minh to President Harry Truman February 1946

    Ho Chi Minh's Declaration of Independence of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam


    Ho Chi Minh and the US/OSS During WWII

    Short history of the collaboration between the CIA/OSS & Ho Chi Minh from 1944-1945.

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