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    Lunar New Year Celebration Resources

    If you're looking for kid-friendly materials for teaching Lunar New Year, you're in the right place! In this page we've aggregated digital resources for levels PreK-5, including lesson plans and teaching guides that address the animals of the Chinese zodiac, rituals and legends, food, and various other traditions used to celebrate the holiday in Asia and across the world. 

    龙7 Books, Crafts, and Resources for Lunar New Year (PreK-5)

    Get your classroom excited about the Lunar New Year with these fun crafts and engaging reads.


    Lions, Dragons, and Nian: Animals of the Chinese New Year (Grades K-5)

    Introduce the animals of the LNY with this elementary-level Arts & Culture lesson plan offered by the NEH. 



    Animals of the Chinese Zodiac (Grades K-5)

    This lesson plan, also from NEH, centers the animals of the LNY with more of a focus on history and social studies. 


    Asia for Educators: Lunar New Year - Rituals and Legends (Grades K-5)

    This is another elementary-level resource from Asia for Educators that covers the basics of the Chinese calendar, the LNY, New Year's Eve, the Lantern Festival, preparations & festivities, and also provides suggested readings for further information. This is a great resource for lesson prep.


    Asian Art Museum (San Fransisco): Lunar New Year Tablescapes (Grades 4-5) 

    In this investigative project, students compare and contrast the different ways in which people commemorate the passing of a year by interviewing their families, creating a tablescape, and sharing their traditions with their classmates.


    For more on learning and teaching about Asia, check out our Resource Center.

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