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    Applications Open for Arkansas NCTA Curriculum Development Grants

    Arkansas NCTA is offering a grant opportunity this Fall to Arkansas educators teaching grades K-12 to help improve and further the development of curricula surrounding the study of Asia. This grant will be offering up to 400$ in funding to awarded applicants and more. Applications open September 2023, Register here!

    Over the course of recent years, the interest in Asian countries such as Japan, China, and Korea has been increasingly growing amongst today's students. In response to this, teachers should look to further their students' knowledge of Asia and its many countries. With the proper support of their teachers, a student's prior engagement with Asian media and culture like K-pop, Anime, or Chinese cuisine can then blossom into a life-long interest in the region that goes beyond surface-level knowledge. In support of this vison the Arkansas NCTA will be offering a grant to Arkansas K-12 teachers. This Fall, Arkansas NCTA is offering a limited number of Curriculum Development Grants to teachers looking to better address East and Southeast Asia in their classrooms. Open to all Arkansas educators teaching grades K-12, the ARNCTA Curriculum Development grant is an opportunity for teachers to develop and improve upon curricula involving the history, geography, literature, and culture of East Asia. Interested in exploring a new topic or attending a workshop related to Asia? Then apply now!

    APPLY HERE  Eligible only to Arkansas K-12 teachers. Applications due by October 31, 2023.

    Awarded K-12 Teachers will receive:

    - Up to 400$ towards the purchase of classroom materials or travel to Asia-related workshops or libraries 

    - Access to 1-on-1 consultation with relevant Asia Experts to help develop lesson plans and curricula

    - Opportunity to share curriculum development materials through ARNCTA.com 

    If you have any questions or inquiries please contact us for more information at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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    Housed within the Asian Studies Program at the University of Central Arkansas, the Arkansas NCTA aims to empower elementary and secondary school teachers to center East Asian art, literature, history, and culture in their classrooms.

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