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    Women's History Month Series: Family and Femininity in Modern China

    Arkansas NCTA presents the Women's History Month Series, a 3-part workshop series on women in modern China for 5 - 12 teachers sponsored by the Arkansas Division of the National Consortium for Teaching about Asia.

    China Kuan-Yin WomenWHEN: Thursdays in March (March 7, 14, 28) 4:30pm - 5:30pm
    WHERE: University of Central Arkansas and on Zoom
    AUDIENCE: Grade 5 - 12 social studies and language arts teachers

    As political leaders, fashion icons, and subjects of spirited debate, women have been at the forefront of China’s modern transformation from a crumbling empire to a global economic superpower. Join celebrated Asian Studies scholars from around the world during Women's History Month to explore this rich history and access engaging themes and resources to diversify your classroom. Topics include: the role of women in Confucian society (March 7); Shanghai women in the Global Roaring Twenties (March 14); and the history and lasting effects of China’s One Child Policy (March 28). Come to a single event, or attend all three to receive a free package of books and curriculum materials. 


    Attendee Benefits Include: 

    • Three Hours of continuing Education Credit
    • Access to ready-to-use materials for teaching about women in Modern China
    • Teachers who attend all three workshops will earn two FREE books on Women’s History in China


    Schedule (Note: All workshops will take place March, 2024):

    March 7: Women and Gender in China: Past and Present with Professor Jiang Jin (East China Normal University)

    Location: McCastlain Hall at the University of Central Arkansas

    REGISTRATION: https://www.escweb.net/ar_esc/catalog/session.aspx?session_id=520424 

    Join celebrated professor Jiang Jin for an overview of women and gender in traditional Chinese society and its modern transformations, highlighting both the basic beliefs and gender structures in Confucian society and the peculiar paths of women’s liberation in modern times.

    March 14: Shanghai Chic: Teaching the Modern Girl in China with Professor Melody Li (University of Houston)

    Location: Virtual / Zoom [https://uca-edu.zoom.us/j/86281085020]

    REGISTRATION: https://www.escweb.net/ar_esc/catalog/session.aspx?session_id=520432

    Dr. Melody Li will guide teachers through a whirlwind tour of 1920s Shanghai through the lens of its most celebrated figure: the Chinese Modern Girl. Explore the sights and sounds of the big city, while helping students to analyze fundamental questions about identity, nationalism, and gender during a period of enormous historical change.

    March 28: Teaching Data Literacy through China’s One Child Policies with Professor Zach Smith (University of Central Arkansas)

    Location: Virtual / Zoom [https://uca-edu.zoom.us/j/89416944895]

    REGISTRATION: https://www.escweb.net/ar_esc/catalog/session.aspx?session_id=520433

    China’s One Child Policy– which between 1980 and 2016 limited most Chinese families to a single child–is among the most consequential public policies in human history. Join Dr. Zach Smith for an exploration of the origins, implementation, and lasting impact of this program as well as specific strategies for teaching data literacy in Grade 5 - 12 classrooms.

    If you have any questions or inquiries please contact us for more information at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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