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    If you are an educator teaching about East Asia, these featured resources are designed for you. The websites linked below offer primary sources, webinars, curriculums, and other materials aimed at bringing East Asia into the classroom. In addition to the resources featured here, you can find many other online materials listed on The National Consortium for Teaching About Asia's website. Be sure to also visit NCTA's Partner Sites, who provide excellent content on East Asia for K-12 educators.

    Covid NurseCurrent Challenges in the Portrayal of Asian Peoples in the Context of the Coronavirus 

    As educators interested in teaching about East Asia, it is necessary to create curriculums that address the orientalism and racism that exists within our communities and media. The following list of resources addresses "current challenges in the portrayal of Asians in the context of the coronavirus, as well as selected instructional resources on discrimination and stereotyping against Chinese Americans in American history." These resources include a wide-ranging appraisal of the historical context behind American discrimination toward China and Chinese people as well as articles assessing how educators can address and combat these prejudices, misconceptions, and historically entrenched bigotry within a classroom setting. Many thanks to the Program for Teaching East Asia at the University of Colorado-Boulder for this compilation. For more information, please visit our section of teacher resources dedicated specifically to this topic in association with our 2020 Workshop "Teaching China in the Age of Covid-19."

    Box for Writing Implements Ryukyuan Japanese 17th Century

    Detroit Institute of Arts Resources and Curriculum for K-12 Educators

     NCTA alumni Angie Stokes has developed an excellent series of detailed curriculum units on East Asian Arts and Materials, made available virtually by the Detroit Institute of Arts. These lesson plans focus on art forms ranging from ceramics to sculptures to ink painting and calligraphy and guide students through an exploration of the relationship between mediums of art and the technological advancements occurring at the time of their development. Included lessons range from the creation of silkscreens to the evolution of diplomacy between different state systems in East Asia during the height of the Silk Road. Students will have the opportunity to appreciate a curated collection of East Asian artwork as well as the historical and socioeconomic context for their creation. 


    Education About Asia Preview

    Education about Asia (EAA) Teaching Resource Journal

    Since the publication of its inaugural issue in 1996, Education About Asia (EAA) has been an invaluable teaching resource for middle and high school teachers. Featuring articles on all areas of Asia, with subjects ranging from ancient cultures and literature to current events; extensive print and digital resources including films, books, videos, curriculum guides, websites, software, and other useful educational tools; plus thematic issues on topics of particular interest. EAA is available in print or readers may access highly searchable digital archives of over 1,500 articles, teaching essays, and lesson plans for no charge.



     MIT VIsualizing Cultures PreviewMIT Visualizing Cultures

    Visualizing Cultures is an image-driven scholarship platform developed by MIT in 2002. It's goal is to "use new technology and hitherto inaccessible visual materials to reconstruct the past as people of the time visualized the world (or imagined it to be)." It features a series of topical units focused on East Asia. Visualizing Cultures develops image-driven scholarship and provides the public with previously inaccessible visual primary sources, allowing teachers and students alike to visualize the past. 



    TEA Preview

    Becoming Modern: Early 20th-Century Japan through Primary Sources

    This curriculum is one of several Teaching About East Asia (TEA) Online Curriculum Projects from the University of Colorado Boulder that offers secondary teachers interesting resources. This curriculum offers seven lessons that examine a critical period in Japanese and world history: the period of Japan’s modernization and international expansion from the 1880s through the 1920s, a time span overlapping the late Meiji, Taishō, and early Shōwa periods. The lessons draw upon a range of historical source materials—including art, literature, memoir, interviews, board games, and government documents—to teach Japanese history using pedagogical approaches that address national content standards and Common Core skills.



    Imaging Japanese History

    Another online curriculum designed by TEA, "Imagining Japanese History" enhances students’ visual literacy skills, historical thinking skills, and knowledge of Japanese history. Five online modules each provide a case study in the role of art in capturing and conveying human experience.



     hachiko smTexts and Contexts: Teaching Japan through Children's Literature

    This curriculum made by TEA is a collection of teacher-developed, standards-based, cross-curricular K-6 lessons. The collection is designed to promote the teaching of cultural studies of Japan while developing students’ knowledge and skills in literacy and communication. Each of the six lessons features an authentic children’s literature book on an aspect of Japanese culture.



    Asia for Educators Asia for Educators

    Asia for Educators (AFE) is an initiative of the Weatherhead East Asian Institute at Columbia University. This tool is designed to be used by students and educators at all levels. The provided teaching modules span many topics, including literature, art, world history, and more!





    China in World History 

    Here, you can access three free and informative videos from expert Sara Schneewind. These videos, titled "Ming Voyages in China’s History: The Truth about the Maritime Expeditions Led by Zheng He of the Ming Dynasty," "Easternization (not “Westernization”): Modernity is a Global Formation," and "Footbinding: Confronting the Very Strange" are each designed to increase your understanding of Chinese history. Each video presentation also comes with 2 Professional Development Hours. To participate, sign in or register an account on the program site: www.asiaforeducators.org 



    korean culture teacher sourcebook

     Korean Art and Culture: A Teacher’s Sourcebook – Peabody Essex Museum

    This .pdf document is a fantastic resource for art, art history, and religious studies teachers who want to bring Korean culture into their classroom. This sourcebook, which features the Korean Art Collection of the Peabody Essex Museum Salem, MA, contains vibrant images and informative essays about the collection. This sourcebook details many diverse forms of Korean art-- whether it be paper crafts, embroidery, or pottery-- you will be sure to learn something new! Also included in this resource is a glossary of symbols (which are abundant in Korean art). The Peabody Essex Museum has so much to offer; it will surely make you eager to share Korean art and culture with your students. 





     Chinese Calligraphy & Ink Painting (A Lesson Plan for Grades K-4)

    Are you an art teacher looking for resources for elementary students? Then look no further! Developed by The Kennedy Center, this lesson plan provides K-4 students with a fun art activity in the style of Chinese calligraphy. Students will learn the basics of watercolor and brush strokes, and apply this knowledge to create their own landscape painting. Students will engage in multicultural learning, as this lesson plan also provides traditional Chinese music and related vocabulary words.



     Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the need for online resources has never been greater. The ARNCTA is committed to facilitating teaching and learning about East Asia in elementary and secondary schools nationwide. As we extend our digital presence in 2020, ARNCTA will be developing original resources for teachers. For more information about COVID-19 and social distancing guidelines, please visit the CDC's website

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