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    Here you can find previous ARNCTA events and their resources. These lists have been created with the help of our collaborators and speakers for teachers interested in implementing the workshop content into their classroom curriculums, and all of the resources are free and easy to use. As we host more events moving forward, we will update this compilation to offer more resources.


    These materials take teachers on a tour of the diverse cultures, kingdoms, merchants, and monks who forged lasting connections between Asia and the rest of world over 1000 years ago. Drawing on cutting-edge research and diverse, multimedia teaching resources, these workshop materials equip teachers with the sources and perspectives necessary to immerse students in one of the most important early forms of cultural exchange, highlighting the important connections to our contemporary global world.
    Confucius Laozi Buddha
    The “Three Teachings” of Confucianism, Daoism, and Buddhism first emerged in China thousands of years ago, but their influence can still be felt today in many aspects of East Asian culture, politics, and society today. Moreover, scholarly perspectives on the origins, development, and lasting influence of the Three Teachings have continued to grow and evolve. These resources explore these religio-philosophical schools, their individual worldviews, how they have coexisted, and their lasting influence on East Asia and the world. 
    Since 2017, the Chinese government has imprisoned over one million Uyghur Muslims in what has become the largest mass internment of an ethnic minority group since World War II. Currently, around 11 million Uyghurs—a predominantly Turkic-speaking ethnic minority—live in China’s northwestern Xinjiang province, (termed East Turkestan by Uyghurs), and Chinese government policies targeting Uyghur communities in the name of combating “religious extremism” have drawn condemnation from foreign governments and human rights organizations around the world. These resources provide context and concrete teaching strategies for integrating a discussion of the ongoing Uyghur crisis into Middle and High school geography, history, and civics classes. 
    Covid Grafitti"Teaching China in the Age of Covid-19" October 2020

    The novel coronavirus known as Covid-19 has forcefully illustrated how events in East Asia can affect the rest of the world. The virus has led to a troubling rise in anti-Asian racism, as historical prejudices collide with new strains of misinformation that threaten the lives and livelihoods of Asian American communities, while simultaneously transforming the geopolitical relationship between the United States and China. This resource compilation, based on our event "Teaching China in the Age of Covid-19," provides teachers with online readings and resources, classroom strategies, and practical advice for addressing Covid-19 in their (physical or virtual) classrooms in ways that expand our understanding of the global community.  

    To keep up with ARNCTA's upcoming workshops, check out our News & Events page. Additional educational programs are offered through our parent organization, NCT Asia. More resources can be found here.

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