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    July Workshop: Mapping Myths, Mapping Asia

    On July 13th we will be hosting a 6 hour, virtual workshop for Grade 6-12 Arkansas teachers, "Mapping Myths, Mapping Asia: Rediscovering Asia's Physical and Human Geography" in partnership with Wilbur D. Mills ESC. The synchronous session will take place between 9:00am and 12:00pm and the 3 hour asynchronous curriculum will be available after on Google Classroom.  Participants will receive 6 hours of continuing education credit, a $30 stipend, access to online resources and classroom teaching materials, as well as priority enrollment for future NCTA programming. Participation is limited to 20 people so apply as soon as possible!

    mapping myths mapping asia"Mapping Myths, Mapping Asia" is a 6 hour, interactive PD session that explores various strategies for bringing Asia from the periphery to the center of world geography classrooms. We will begin by exploring the historical origins of some of our most important geographical categories—from the divisions between East and West to the continental system itself—and consider how these divisions shape how we see the world today. Then we will survey some of the most important features of East Asia’s human geography, from diverse languages and religions to changing population structures and patterns. Finally, the workshop will provide teachers with concrete strategies for using web-based mapping tools such as ArcGIS Online to engage Asia’s complex geography in the classroom. These tools allow students to analyze spatial patterns and create meaningful visualizations of data from the local to the global. Register before July 13th with the following link! Mapping Myths, Mapping Asia.

    Teachers who attend the three-hour synchronous meeting as well as three additional hours of asynchronous assignments via Google Classroom are eligible to receive:

    • Six Hours Continuing Education Credit
    • $30 Stipend
    • Access to online resources and classroom teaching materials
    • Priority enrollment for future NCTA programming


    The presenting scholars include: 

    Dr. Zach Smith, Department of History, University of Central Arkansas

    Dr. Stephen O’Connell, Department of Geography, University of Central Arkansas

    Dr. Ling Zhang, Department of Geography, University of Central Arkansas


    Contact us for more information at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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